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Frank's White Cells

Available Versions

Version OS Host
1.0.5  Mac OS 8.x 9.x (Classic)   

Frank's White Cells is a utility I made a long time ago: it offers some file management tools that can be applied to a batch of files.
Basic features are:

  • Wild card renaming of files, DCS 1 plates included.
  • Adding extension to certain types of files.
  • Changing type and creator of a file.
  • Giving some content to a DCS master file, so that QuarkXPress will insert this file in a composite PostScript file (needed for composite workflows)
  • Limiting the file names to a restricted set of characters.
  • Setting creator of certains files to predefined values.

It does also offer 'undo/redo' for most operations.

New in the latest release

Version 1.0.5 is out for a long long long time, and it still works ...
Biggest new feature is that you can now download it from here

Pricing and availability

It's totally free
Current Version: 1.0.5
Download: Macintosh (OS 8 and 9) Version (300 kB)





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