Yin4Yang Plug-in Products

Barcode Toolbox

Barcode Toolbox is a collection of plug-ins to generate and check barcodes directly inside Adobe Illustrator. Over are the days that you need the cumbersome workflow of generating EPS files in external applications to place in your artwork. On top of that, you can now check the correctness and quality of your barcodes in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat.

Barcode CheckUp

Barcode CheckUp are plug-ins that can verify and fix barcodes in Adobe Illustrator. It can also generate reports in plain text, HTML and XML. This allows you to check the quality of the barcodes on incoming jobs, which is needed now that barcodes are added by designers. You can also check your internally generated barcodes before sending a job to computer-to-plate where you can't do any visual checks anymore.

Text Toolbox

Text Toolbox are text related plug-ins with 2 important functions: restore flowable text boxes in Adobe Illustrator, and to be able to apply tab leadering in Adobe Illustrator (version 8 and higher). The Text Restore function will turn out to be very useful when you are working on files in Adobe Illustrator that were originated in another applications, and that were converted to Illustrator over EPS or PDF: one of the problems resulting from such a workflow is that all (flowable) text boxes in the original applications are converted to a set of text objects in Illustrator, therefore limiting the editability, or making editing this text cumbersome and expensive. The Text Restore tool does not change the fact that text is converted to point text on import, but it gives you the ability to restore paragraphs from a collection of point text items. The Tab Leader function finally allows uses to simply create ingredient and food menu text boxes where you don't need white space between the items, but a line of dots…

Blast From The Past

Frank's White Cells is a simple tool to changes file names and/or attributes of a batch of files. This tool is very old (1997), but still useful.

Consulting and Custom Developments

Yin4Yang also offers consulting and custom development in the area of graphic art applications, and utilities and Macintosh development in general.





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